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Quick Tip - Previewing Icon Designs

Previewing an icon while editing in Photoshop

When designing an icon in Photoshop (or your illustration app of choice), a neat way to preview it downscaled to its intended size is to reveal a sliver of desktop behind the window and save your working copy there.

If you have icon previews enabled, you should see a nicely resampled image that updates every time you hit save! You can resize the preview by tweaking your desktop icon size (ctrl+click > Show View Options).1

I imagine this tip would work especially well if you’re lucky enough to have a HiDPI monitor. I still use Iconsider to preview icons on my iPhone’s retina display.

  1. You can do something similar within Adobe applications via Window > Arrange > New Window for X but zooming right out results in poor resampling and loss of detail.

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