Sam Rayner

Hi, I’m Sam. I design and build apps for iOS and the web. I live in Sheffield, UK and play Ultimate far too much. You can reach me via email or on Twitter.

Name & Shame

Name and Shame screenshot

A couple of days ago my first iOS app went up on the App Store! Name & Shame is an iPhone app for logging and sharing the funny, dumb (or even profound!) things your friends say.

“David Cameron… didn’t he direct Avatar?” – Erwann Cordon (being quizzed on his general knowledge)

It’s free to try out and just 99¢ or 69p to upgrade for unlimited quotations. You can import friends from Facebook and Contacts, share quotes on Twitter and Facebook, star your favourites, tag, search and more!

“…but cats CAN get married!” – Sarah Harrison

The idea came from sitting with my flatmates discussing possible app ideas that gradually got sillier as we got more desperate. It occurred to me how many times a mate has come out with something funny and I’ve kicked myself for not having written it down somewhere.

“There’s a town called Crematorium?” – Joe Crellin (seeing a road sign on the way to Manchester)

The app was developed with help from my mate Sam Millner. Thanks also to Guy Brown for his top lectures on iOS and Dom and Rob for their feedback and advice.

Please check it out on the App Store and take it for a spin! I’d love to know what you think via email or Twitter: @samrayner.

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