Sam Rayner

Hi, I’m Sam. I design and build apps for iOS and the web. I live in Sheffield, UK and play Ultimate far too much. You can reach me via email or on Twitter.

Handy Scripts

I have a bunch of Applescripts and shell scripts that live in Alfred and make my computing life a little easier. Here’s a collection of the the ones I’ve written. Most of them are pretty niche but hopefully they’ll prove useful to somebody.

Toggle Invisible Files

If invisibile files are hidden, show them, and vice versa. (Note: will restart Finder).

Top Google URL

Grab the URL of the top result for a search (using the Google Search API) and copy it to the clipboard.

Open Tab in Chrome

Opens the frontmost Safari tab in Google Chrome.


Takes a chunk of text and converts everything to HTML character entities. Useful for encoding email addresses for spam-free publication on the web. The result is copied to your clipboard.

App Installer

Move any .app files from ~/Downloads to /Applications, overwriting existing apps.

5by5 Show Notes

Open the links list for the 5by5 show that is currently playing in iTunes.

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