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Hi, I’m Sam. I design and build apps for iOS and the web. I live in Sheffield, UK and play Ultimate far too much. You can reach me via email or on Twitter.


Spotify is a great service but I don’t use it anywhere near enough to warrent paying £10 a month for a Premium subscription. I only use the app occasionally to check out a band I’ve had recommended before buying their album on iTunes or leaving it.

I do use Spotify just enough for the ads to get annoying though. To get around hearing them, I created a simple Mac app called Shushify.

Shushify icon Download Shushify

To listen without ads, just launch instead of Spotify will open as normal but when an advert begins to play Shushify will temporarily mute your Mac’s audio.

Shushify works by querying Spotify for track info every time a new one starts playing (and every few seconds for good measure). The process will quit when you quit Spotify.

You’ll still get an awkard silence for the duration of adverts but that’s good enough for me. If you find yourself using Spotify a lot, please consider paying for a subscription; it really is a great service.

Shushify is offered as-is, unsupported. There’s a good chance Spotify will break it in the future but hopefully it’ll come in handy for some people until then.

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